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Do you have chronic or severe hip or knee pain that is preventing you from fully enjoying your life? Have you “been there, done that” when it comes to physical therapy? Do the cortisone shots that once brought you relief no longer work?

Now is the perfect time to consider a joint replacement.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Charles Toulson offers lasting solutions for those suffering from joint pain. Hip or knee replacement surgery can restore the smooth, pain-free function of your joints and dramatically improve your quality of life. In addition, Dr. Toulson’s expertise with muscle-sparing, minimally invasive techniques can help make recovery a breeze, and result in the most natural feeling with your new knees and hips. Don’t let a painful knee or hip keep you away from all that life has to offer. Find out how joint replacement can return your beautiful legs’ movement to its prime.

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Orthopedic Surgery in Sherman and McKinney, TX

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