Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

There are many different ways to approach a hip replacement surgery. Traditionally, it involves making a long incision, and cutting through otherwise healthy muscles, tendons, and ligaments in order to get to the hip joint. This results in a longer healing process afterward, typically 2 months or more.

Hip surgery has come a long a way since then.

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery

A direct anterior approach (DAA) hip replacement is different. As a muscle-sparing approach, it allows your surgeon to preserve healthy tissue around the joint. The incision is made at the front of the hip, where there are fewer muscles and other connective tissue.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Charles Toulson can work around (rather than cut through) healthy muscle tissue during a DAA hip replacement. By avoiding unnecessary trauma to healthy muscles and other soft tissue, there is less post-op pain and your recovery is faster. On average, Dr. Toulson’s patients take just 3 weeks to return to many of their usual activities following a hip replacement surgery – less than half the time of when more traditional surgical methods are used.

In fact, Dr. Toulson is the only surgeon in the Dallas area combining the minimally invasive DAA hip replacement with the precision accuracy assistance of robotic assistance. By utilizing both methods – DAA and robotic-assisted surgery – patients are able to recover much faster afterward. Most patients are able to walk without assistance in just a few days and are driving within 1-2 weeks of the procedure. Patients who qualify for joint replacement surgery may opt to have it performed with robotic assistance. Beautiful legs restored in just weeks – what more could you ask for?

Benefits of the Direct Anterior Approach

The direct anterior approach to hip replacement surgery is simply the best method to restore pain-free mobility with the least amount of side effects, complications, or downtime.

Benefits of this method of surgically replacing the hip joint include:

  • Greater accuracy of prosthesis placement
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less post-op pain
  • Improved patient satisfaction with the surgery

Studies have even shown that the DAA has improved outcomes – including a significantly faster post-op recovery – over another minimally invasive approach: the mini-posterior approach (MPA).

DAA: A Popular Choice Among Patients, Doctors

Because of its success rate, hip replacement surgery using the direct anterior approach is becoming a popular choice among doctors and patients alike.

The DAA is a more challenging procedure than traditional hip replacement surgery, so make sure your orthopedic surgeon has training and experience in the technique. Dr. Toulson has precisely the DAA expertise necessary to perform your hip replacement surgery.

Obese or overly muscular patients may not be ideal candidates for the direct anterior approach to hip replacement. Ask your surgeon whether this surgical option is right for you.

Hip Replacement Surgery in Sherman and McKinney, TX

Are you in the market for a hip replacement because pain is taking the fun out of your life? Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Charles Toulson in northern Texas specializes in the direct anterior approach, a minimally invasive, muscle-sparing approach that can cut your recovery time in half – with less pain. Before you know it, you’ll be out dancing, jumping, and enjoying your beautiful, sexy, and pain-free legs. Call the office of Dr. Toulson at (469) 796-4295 or request your appointment now.