Robotic Knee Replacement

Nothing ruins a night out like a painful knee. Regardless of how beautiful your legs are, a painful, swollen, and stiff knee can ruin your look – and function. If you constantly experience knee pain, knee replacement surgery may be able to significantly reduce or even eliminate it. Never again will you have to sacrifice a night out with friends or a loved one because of pain.

If you’re considering getting a knee replacement, you’ll want an orthopedic surgeon who can provide you state-of-the-art care that safely and effectively relieves your knee pain and stiffness.

You’re in good hands with Dr. Charles Toulson. He specializes in knee and hip replacements. As a board-certified, fellowship-trained joint replacement specialist, Dr. Toulson is a savvy surgeon who can restore the function of your hips and knees to its former glory – that way, you can show off your beautiful legs and enjoy life to the fullest.

Timing Is Everything

Nobody wants to jump right into surgery, but you don’t want to wait too long, either. The vast majority of patients who end up getting a knee replacement due to arthritic damage wait too long to do so, according to a January 2020 report published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. Hip and knee replacements are not exclusive to a certain age group. People of all ages and backgrounds can have a damaged hip or knee that needs replacing. As such, don’t rule out joint replacement simply because you feel you are too young to get it done.

Delaying needed surgery not only causes you to miss out on years of pain-free mobility, but the deterioration in your knee may become so bad that the level of activity you’re able to perform before and after surgery can become considerably limited.

There’s also no reason to suffer with knee pain and restricted mobility when there is a lasting solution to the problem. If your knee pain is severe or chronic and it has limited your daily activities, we urge you to consider taking appropriate medical action now.

Robotic-Assisted Knee Surgery for Added Precision

A knee replacement involves resurfacing the ends of damaged bones at the knee joint. Metal and plastic components are then used to protect these areas and prevent further damage. A prosthetic shaped as your joint may also be used to replace the worn parts of your knee joint.

A full (total) knee replacement is considered the gold standard for severe arthritis of the knee. In addition, anyone who qualifies for a knee replacement surgery may have it conducted with the assistance of a robotic arm. Dr. Toulson is well-versed in using robotic-assisted knee surgery to give his patients the best possible outcomes.

What to Expect

Finely calibrated machinery is used to create a 3D model of the inside of your knee, based on a CT scan of the joint. This 3D model and precise measurements of your anatomy is used to plan the surgery and guide positioning of the implant with a robotic arm during the procedure. This is especially beneficial when it comes to balancing soft tissue such as ligaments and other connective tissue around the prosthesis as it is placed in your knee.

Benefits of Robotic Assistance

Benefits of a robotic-assisted joint replacement procedure include:

  • Accurate positioning of the prosthetic implant
  • Balancing of the implant amid connective tissue in the area
  • More natural feeling after surgery
  • Less trauma to healthy surrounding tissue
  • Faster, easier post-op healing
  • Less pain and scarring
  • Reduced risk of infection

In general, robotic surgical assistance allows your surgeon to more accurately carry out the plan for your surgery in the least intrusive method possible.

Full knee replacements are a fairly common, even routine, procedure these days. Why not have the best possible experience – and the best possible results? Choose a skilled surgeon who has the knowledge and expertise with robotic-assisted technology that can significantly improve your quality of life. Choose Dr. Toulson. After all, it’s your life – make sure you’re able to enjoy it to the fullest with strong, healthy, and beautiful legs for support.

Knee Surgeon in Sherman and McKinney, TX

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